Since 2010 we provide high end, high quality
virtual servers
for affordable prices

Powerful CPU
We use powerful Intel processors on our VPS nodes. This are powerful CPU's. Each CPU is allocated on a fair share basis per VPS, only limited by the number of cores in each VPS plan, as displayed on the product page.

Our SuperMicro and Huawei enterprise grade servers are stocked with SATA and SSD drives in a RAID10 array (depends on the VPS plan). This provides incredible I/O.

We use high quality RAM modules. Each VPS node is filled with a minimum of 32GB DDR4 (1666Mhz) RAM. We carefully configure and monitor our nodes to ensure that we never over-allocate resources.

Each VPS node is connected to the internet with a dedicated port speed of at least 1Gbps. Individual VPS connections can use up to 1Gbps on a fair share basis. Our bandwidth allocations are generous, and we offer extra bandwidth at very low prices.

Operating Systems
We offer numerous 64 and 32-bit Linux OS templates for your VPS. You can easily (re-)install the OS of your liking with just a few clicks. This will be carried out immediately.
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